About Us

ODAT, OurDumbAssTees, is a Veteran Owned concept born in the mid 2000’s by myself, David Gonzalez, and my cousin Thomas Nelson III. For the better part of two decades we wrestled with the idea and concept of what the project was meant to be. Which meant ODAT was placed on the back burner behind other projects we worked on. 


We knew we wanted to make people laugh and smile at our inappropriate senses of humor without being too offensive. But we didn’t know how to go about setting everything up. We were young. As we got older we continued to flesh out the idea, bringing in the concepts of having multiple types of shirts and also working with the community by designing shirts for events and other brands. 


Unfortunately Thomas was killed in an accident in August of 2022, so he never saw the vision through to completion. I was left with a decision to either let the vision and dream die with Thomas or push on. I decided that the best way to honor my cousin was to go through with the vision because time isn’t promised to anyone. I realized there won’t always be a tomorrow to work on today’s dreams. 


Our goal and mission has always been to spread laughter and smiles by providing tees that range from simple designs with funny sayings to stunning visual art. These designs are printed on great quality products so the customers know they’re also receiving comfortable long lasting merchandise. We aim to work with youth organizations and businesses that need quality merchandise for events and brand recognition. Our aspirations also include providing a platform for other artists to share their creativity and reach a larger audience with our network.